Is it a Twitch chat bug - screenshot inside


I was just watching a Live Overwatch tourney broadcast on Twitch when suddenly the chat window became like this:

Anyone knows that made the chat go like this… LOL… just read the user comments, everyone went nuts over it.

No, I didn’t do it, just was watching the stream.


It’s originally known as Zalgo Text Maybe it broke the HTML code I don’t know, but the reactions are so funny LUL…


Looks like the symbols are with position absolute or something, but I can’t believe that the Twitch chat allows that code to be inserted in the comment section.


Yes, it’s HTML issue LOL, even if I search Google the term “Zalgo text”, I see search results with bleeding text
From some reason, it’s not appearing in Very weird phenomenon.


Also check this website, it generated encoded characters that the browser just produces symbols out of them, so people actually put the HTML code in the chat and that is the result.


Found an answer on StackOverflow. Funny, it appears there as well.


Yeh that’s really shocking but most people use this word to look different from the rest of the word if you want to use it then it is known as zalgo text.