Is PSVR worth getting?!


Hey guys.

I have recently got the PSVR and absolutely love it. So much so in fact that I have set up a YouTube Channel dedicated to it and its games.

Please feel free to subscribe if you enjoy my videos and wish to see more.

VR Boy


So happy to hear about new VR YouTubers, will subscribe now.


Hey @VR_Boy tell me, do you see pixels when playing. I really wanted to know this. Thanks.


Do you plan to stream?


I wish there were more PSVR game streams on Twitch :frowning:


I wish they stream in VR so we can view the game as they see it.


thank you so much SpookyFairy. Thats really much appreciated and i hope you enjoy future videos :smiley:
VR Boy


Hey Vim Vim.
Im literally in the process of getting started on Twitch so hopefully I can make up for that :smiley:
VR Boy


Hey vimvim.

The video quality isnt perfect but its incredibly good and I dnt get any motion sickness which I was surprised about.

VR Boy


That great! Thanks for sharing!