VRZ: Torment on Steam


Game is about survival and exploration. Its up to you how you figure out and how you complete episode 1.

Save is there BUT you need to survive until daytime. ONLY then save will happen. Later you can continue from there anytime.


It looks a lot better in vr than in the video. Its a pretty dark game and for videos you need to turn the light on to show it…in actual game it looks a lot better and convincing imho.


COOP mode is cumming soon for Arcade mode!


Update v2.9.9 is live !


Thanks for the heads up, updating…!


COOP added and updated version is live on Steam!


With update 4.0.0 HardlightVR haptic suit support Added. If you have one you should try it. Dare you to grab minigun at shooting range. It is closest thing to make you feel like Terminator :slight_smile: